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Interactive Resources

Are you a do-er? Do you prefer to be actively engaged in, hands-on in what you’re learning? The following resources are all apps or web pages that involve interactive learning, often with a competitive or reward based system. These often involve sign up, often through Google+ or Facebook. Be sure to have permission before you join. 


Hello, World In Several Languages by JoBradLearning a new language can be a fun and potentially useful way to stretch your brain. Duolingo is a language learning tool with lessons in Spanish, French, German, Vietnamese and several others.  Available as both a website and an app, Duolingo uses a point system for competitive learning and social media sharing for bragging about your fluency.


String Length by AdamStanislav Interested in coding? The Code Academy is an interactive platform for learning programming languages like HTML, Ruby, and Python. With coding, you can create an impressive website, develop your own app, and even find a future career.

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